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The Official Manchester HubSpot User Group

Delivering quality HubSpot and Inbound Marketing talks from industry experts since 2015

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“We’ve helped over 200 people with HubSpot and Inbound Marketing”

“Absolutely fab event - dense with information and clear in its presentation. Engaging, friendly and enjoyable - would endlessly recommend attendance.”

Jake Harding

“I have attended a number of the HUG events organised and run by Digital 22 and found all of the sessions informative and helpful. As a HubSpot user, I have learnt some useful tips, been impressed by Digital 22's knowledge and their willingness to share what they know.”

Deborah Morris

“The HUG event was really informative and exciting, and we got great support from the team when we followed up with questions. Thanks guys!”

Sally Edwards

What the HUG is

The aim of the HUG is for like minded people to share their experiences and tactics so everyone can improve their inbound results.

Each session will focus on a particular aspect of inbound marketing, you'll learn what works for other companies and you have the opportunity to network with other people using HubSpot - so that you can leave a better marketer.




Who it's run by

The Manchester HUG is run by Digital 22, specialist HubSpot and Inbound Marketing agency.

Digital 22 have been all in on HubSpot since 2013 and are recognised as one of the UK market leaders with their Diamond status.

Why Digital 22 run it

Digital 22 run the Manchester HUG as they are located in Clitheroe, just 30 miles up the road, and showed the desire and expertise to run the event on behalf of HubSpot.

The HUG events are absolutely not a sales pitch, from either the hosts, HubSpot or third-party speakers.

Event schedule




Speaker 1


Speaker 2


Q&A, Networking and HubSpot Help Desk

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