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Manchester HUG:

Bots & Blogs

August 2018


Ziferblat, 1st Floor, 23 Edge Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1HW

Date & Time

8th August 2018, 10:00am - 12.30pm


10.00 am - Introductions


10.15 am - A Key Guide to leveraging Bots as part of your conversational marketing efforts - Stephen Fuery - Implementation specialist - HubSpot


11.00 am - How to Plan Blog Titles - Paul Mortimer - Content Manager - Digital 22


How to Plan Blog Titles that Meet Both SEO Needs and are Enticing Enough for a Persona to Click on When Viewed on the SERP and Also Meet Optimisation Targets in Terms of Character Limits (Whilst Also Being Super Entertaining)... In 5 Killer Steps


11.45 am - Q&A - Your opportunity to ask any inbound or HubSpot question, someone in the room will know the answer!


12.00 noon - Networking


12.00 noon - HubSpot Help Desk (please book) - if you need help with a HubSpot problem one of the HUG team can sit with you and help solve it

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